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Before you download our courses there are a few things you need to know:

SCORM file requirements

We offer SCORM 1.2 files and SCORM 2004 files for all courses. You need to know which SCORM file version your Learning Management System (LMS) supports to make sure you download the right one.

Course updates

Our courses are reviewed and updated from time to time. You need to check this page regularly to make sure you're using the most up to date course version.

For SCORM file updates, check back here regularly.

Technical support

We're unable to provide technical assistance to install or manage the courses in your local system. If you're experiencing technical issues or require assistance using the courses, we recommend contacting your local system manager or LMS provider.


These courses are subject to our Copyright statement.

Download courses for employees

Difficult conversations in the workplace - employee course

Last updated - 2 August 2023.

Starting a new job

Last updated - 2 August 2023

Download courses for employers and managers

Compliance notices

Last updated - 4 August 2023.

Difficult conversations in the workplace - manager course

Last updated - 13 April 2023.

Diversity and discrimination

Last updated - 4 August 2023.

Franchisee workplace essentials

Last updated - 7 August 2023.

Hiring employees

Last updated - 21 September 2023.

Managing employees

Last updated - 4 August 2023.

Managing performance

Last updated - 1 February 2023.

    Workplace flexibility

    Last updated - 8 August 2023.

    Record-keeping and pay slips

    Last updated - 2 August 2023.

    Download courses for intermediaries

    Workplace laws for business advisers

    Last updated - 4 August 2023.

    Workplace laws for franchisors

    Last updated - 4 August 2023.

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