Learn about the information on our website and how to keep yourself safe online.

Information on our website

We are committed to providing advice that you can rely on as set out in our Customer service charter.

We update our information regularly and take care to ensure that it is accurate and incorporates changes to information such as minimum employee entitlements in awards and under the National Employment Standards as soon as they come into effect.

Although we take care to make changes as soon as they come into effect, there may be a delay between when a change takes effect and when the information on our website is updated.

This means that despite the level of care we take, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of the information available on this website.

When considering information about awards that is available on our website, you should also have regard to the relevant award at our Awards page. If our information is inconsistent with the award, then the award applies.

The information on this website is general in nature. How it applies to you will depend on your personal situation. You can contact us to discuss this. Alternatively, you may wish to get independent advice from a union, employer association, workplace relations professional or lawyer.

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Visitors are warned that this website may inadvertently include names or pictures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have recently died.

Links to external websites

We link to external websites for your convenience. We are selective about which external sites we link to, but we do not control or endorse those sites and we are in no way responsible for external sites, including in respect to the accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of any material at those sites, or any related organisations, products or services. If you're following links to other websites, we would also encourage you to examine the copyright, privacy and disclaimer notices on those websites.

Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

Our security vulnerability disclosure policy gives security researchers and the community a point of contact with us. We encourage you to tell us if you find a potential vulnerability with our systems, services or products.

The Fair Work Ombudsman's Vulnerability Disclosure Policy is managed by the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR). For details, please visit the DEWR website.

Website security

We use a range of security controls to protect our website from unauthorised access. Our information, communication and technology security practices and procedures are guided by whole-of-government standards and guidelines including the Australian Government Information Security Manual external-icon.png (ISM) and the Protective Security Policy Framework external-icon.png (PSPF). We will disable, block and take any other action we consider appropriate in response to attempts to compromise our systems.

The Commonwealth Government accepts no liability for any interference with or damage to a user’s devices, software or data occurring in connection with or relating to this website or its use. We encourage you to take appropriate and adequate precautions to ensure that anything you select from this website is free of viruses or other contamination that may interfere with or damage your device, software or data.

You should report any suspicious or unauthorised activity relating to your use of our website by contacting us on 13 13 94.

Increasing your safety online

Protecting your device

To help protect your device you should:

  • install and activate security software on your device. Ensure your security software includes anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall and anti-spam filters
  • run regular scans of your device for viruses
  • remember to update your security software to ensure you are always running the current version
  • check your internet browser's security settings for ways to make your browsing more secure
  • only download files from reputable websites.

Protecting your password

Some websites administered by us may require you to use a password. You should:

  • never share your password with anyone
  • never send your password via email
  • make your password as strong as possible.

Find more information about protecting yourself online at: