Other workplace relations help

Find information and contact details for other organisations and government agencies in this section.

Legal help

There may be times when we recommend that employers and employees seek their own legal advice. This may be because your enquiry is beyond our scope of advice, or because it is complex in nature.

Legal advice may come from:

  • a community legal centre
  • a union or employee organisation
  • an employer association or industry body.

For more information see Legal help.

Related government sites

We may refer you to another government agency to handle your enquiry. This is often because your enquiry is outside our scope of advice and is the responsibility of another government agency.

For more information, visit Related government sites.

Health and wellbeing resources

Dealing with a workplace issue as an employee or employer can be stressful and a person’s health and wellbeing can be impacted.

There is support available to help you look after your mental health.

For more information, visit Health and wellbeing support.

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