Record-keeping and pay slips

Changes to entitlements

Changes to annualised wage arrangements in modern awards may affect this course.

We’re reviewing the information in this course in light of these changes. We encourage you to check back here for updates.

For more information, see Annualised wage arrangements for restaurant, cafe and hospitality workers and New rules for annual wage arrangements.

Course overview

Good record-keeping helps you protect and manage your business.

This course will help you understand:

  • what employment records are and why you need them
  • when employment records need to be made and how long you must keep them
  • what pay slips are and what details you need to include on them
  • how to handle common record-keeping and pay slip questions, respond to audits and interact with Fair Work Inspectors
  • tools and resources available to help you manage your obligations around record-keeping and pay slips.

The course is interactive and lets you control your learning journey. Interactive scenarios are available to help you test your knowledge.