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  1. Annual leaveFind our fact sheet on annual leave and the National Employment Standards including minimum entitlements, when annual leave can be taken, excess annual leave and cashing out.
  2. Annual leaveUnderstand what annual leave is and how it accumulates for full-time and part-time employees. Find resources for all your questions about how annual leave works, including payment.
  3. Payment for annual leaveFind what an employee is paid during a period of annual leave.
  4. Taking annual leaveFind out the process for taking annual leave.
  5. Cashing out annual leaveFind out if annual leave can be paid out in your industry, and what rules apply.
  6. Direction to take excess annual leaveFind out when an employee can be told to take excess annual leave.
  7. Directing an employee to take annual leaveFind out when an employer can direct an employee to take annual leave.
  8. Direction to take annual leave during a shut downFind out when an employee can be directed to take a period of leave during a shut down, and what happens if an employee does not have enough annual leave to cover this period.
  9. Annual reportsSee the Fair Work Ombudsman's annual reports.
  10. Other leave entitlements during parental leaveFind out what other types of leave employees can take when on unpaid parental leave.