All employees working in Australia have the same workplace rights including employees who are deaf or hard of hearing. We can help you understand your rights and responsibilities at work.

National Employment Standards video series

The National Employment Standards (NES) are 11 minimum employment entitlements that all employees are entitled to. An award, employment contract or enterprise agreement can give more, but never less than the NES.

To help you understand your minimum entitlements, we have a series of videos with an Auslan interpreter to explain some minimum entitlements.

We currently have 4 videos in this series and will be adding more soon.

Employment Information Statements


Employers have to give every new employee a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement before, or as soon as possible after, they start their new job.

Employers also have to give every new casual employee a copy of the Casual Employment Information Statement at the same time.

Maximum weekly hours


The NES sets the maximum weekly hours for employees, as well as when an employee can refuse to work more hours.

Requests for flexible working arrangements


There are rules about how to make a request for flexible working arrangements and how employers respond.

Some employees who have worked for the same employer for at least 12 months can request flexible working arrangements, such as changes to hours, patterns or locations of work.

Offers and requests to convert from casual to permanent employment


The NES provide casual employees with a pathway to become a permanent employee. This is also known as ‘casual conversion’.

Tools and resources

Have a workplace problem?

Problems can happen in any workplace. If you have a workplace problem, we have tools and information to help you resolve it.

Check out our Fixing a workplace problem section for practical information about:

  • working out if there is a problem
  • speaking with your employer or employee about fixing the problem
  • getting help from us if you can't fix the problem.

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