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Our free webinars help you understand your rights and responsibilities under Australian workplace laws.

Upcoming webinars

Workplace basics for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

18 August 2022 | 2pm – 2.30pm AEST | Free

This webinar will help you gain an understanding of:

  • minimum workplace rights and entitlements
  • the importance of cultural, family and kinship obligations
  • how to sort out problems at work
  • tailored tools and resources on the FWO website. 

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New annualised salary arrangements in the Restaurant and Hospitality Awards

25 August 2022 | 2pm – 2:30pm AEST | Free

Join us at this dedicated webinar and learn about the changes to annualised salary arrangements in the Restaurant and Hospitality Awards starting from 1 September 2022.

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1 July 2022 changes to Social, Community, Home care & Disability Services Award

29 September 2022 | 10am – 10:30am AEST | Free

Join us as we answer the frequently asked questions about the changes to the Social, Community, Home care and Disability Services Industry (SCHADS) Award.

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Working or employing in the hospitality industry

6 October 2022 | 2pm – 3pm AEST | Free

Are you working or employing people in the fast food, restaurant or café sector?

This webinar will help you learn about:

  • the role of the FWO
  • changes to the annualised salary arrangement in the Restaurant and Hospitality Awards
  • tailored tools and resources on the FWO website.

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Employees vs Independent Contractors

20 October 2022 | 10am - 10:30am & 6pm – 6:30pm AEST | Free

Want to learn more about the difference between an employee and an independent contractor?

Join us to learn about:

  • differences between contractors and employees
  • an example about a cleaning employee being misclassified as a contractor
  • what sham contracting means
  • what to do if you think you've been incorrectly engaged as an independent contractor, or if you might be in a sham contracting arrangement.

A guest speaker from the Australian Taxation Office will be joining the webinar.

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Tools and resources

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