Workplace laws for business advisers

On 9 February 2022, the High Court handed down 2 decisions about independent contracting relationships.

We are reviewing the information on this page in light of these decisions and will update the information if required. Please check back soon.

Read the decisions:


Changes to casual employment

On 27 March 2021, sections of the Fair Work Act relating to casual employees were amended.

We’re reviewing the information relating to casual employment in this online learning course in light of these changes. We encourage you to check back here for updates.

For more information, see Changes to casual employment – industrial relations reforms

Course overview

As a business adviser (for example: accountant, bookkeeper, payroll specialist or workplace consultant) you don't need to be an expert in workplace relations to add value for your clients – but you do need to be aware of the common issues and know where to find the right information.

This course will help you:

  • give clients the right advice on pay, record-keeping and other common workplace issues
  • locate free online resources for you and your clients
  • identify and discuss problems with clients
  • assist clients in responding to an audit or investigation
  • manage your own risk and liability.