Find information about probation periods including what they are, how long they can go for and what employee entitlements apply while they're in place.

Start of employment relationship

Probation periods are often implemented at the start of the employment relationship. They give an employer and employee an opportunity to check that employees are suitable for the role they've been hired to do.

Length of probation

An employer usually decides on the length of the probation period. It often ranges from 3 to 6 months, beginning from when the employee starts employment.

Employee entitlements during probation

While on probation, employees continue to receive the same entitlements as someone who isn’t in a probation period. This includes the entitlements in the National Employment Standards.

If hired on a full-time or part-time basis, an employee on probation is entitled to accrue and access their paid leave entitlements, such as annual leave and sick leave.

If an employee doesn’t pass their probation, they are still entitled to:

  • receive notice when employment ends
  • have their unused accumulated annual leave hours paid out.

Templates to help manage probation

Download our templates to help manage an employee’s probation period:

Tools and resources

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