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  1. Long service leaveFind our fact sheet on long service leave.
  2. Long service leaveLong service leave is a national workplace entitlement that most long serving employees, including casuals, are eligible for. Find out more about how it accumulates, who is eligible and how payments are made.
  3. Payment of long service leaveInformation on the payment of long service leave for full time, part time and casual employees.
  4. Long periods of sick leaveLearn about the protections for employees taking long periods of sick leave.
  5. Community service leaveFind our fact sheet on community service leave.
  6. Community service leaveFind out what community service leave is - including emergency management leave and jury duty - when it can be taken and what it can be taken for.
  7. Other leave entitlements during parental leaveFind out what other types of leave employees can take when on unpaid parental leave.
  8. Road Transport (Long Distance Operations) Award [MA000039]Find out who is covered by the Road Transport (Long Distance) Award.
  9. Annual leaveFind our fact sheet on annual leave and the National Employment Standards including minimum entitlements, when annual leave can be taken, excess annual leave and cashing out.
  10. Parental leaveEmployees who give birth to, adopt, or care for a new child may be able to take parental leave.