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  1. Minimum wagesFind our fact sheet on minimum wages.
  2. Minimum wagesMinimum wages in Australia depend on the industry or job a person works in. Calculate minimum wages here.
  3. Minimum workplace entitlementsThe Fair Work Ombudsman has a range of fact sheets that provide useful information on minimum workplace entitlements.
  4. Paying wagesLearn about the minimum obligations for paying employees in Australia including how and when they should be paid.
  5. Pay & wagesFind all you need to know about pay and minimum wages, including some useful tools and resources.
  6. Award & agreement free wages & conditionsLearn how to check if an employee is award and agreement free. Find out how this affects an employee’s pay and entitlements.
  7. Employees with disability pay ratesFind out about pay rates for employees with disability under the Supported Wage System.
  8. Stay up-to-date with workplace law changesFind out how to stay up to date with workplace law changes.
  9. Know your rights and obligationsKnowing your rights and obligations can help prevent workplace problems. Find out more.
  10. Visa holders and migrant workers – workplace rights and entitlementsFind our fact sheet on workplace rights and entitlements for visa holders and migrant workers.