This page has been reviewed and updated to include changes that took effect on 27 October 2017.

The changes are part of the Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Act 2017. Most of the changes (such as those relating to 'serious contraventions', increased penalties, pay slips and record-keeping, and our powers in investigations) took affect on 15 September 2017. Read about these changes on our Protecting vulnerable workers reform page

It is important that both franchisees and franchisors are aware of their obligations to employees. We’re here to help you understand your obligations and give you information and resources you can use to get it right.

For franchisors

Franchisors can be held legally responsible if their franchisees don’t follow workplace laws.

Franchisors should help their franchisees understand and meet their responsibilities under workplace laws. By doing so, franchisors can minimise their legal and reputational risks.

Visit our Franchisors page for information about when franchisors can be held responsible and tips on how to enable, support and monitor compliance.  

For franchisees

Franchisees that employ staff have the same workplace responsibilities as other employers.

To help you meet your responsibilities, you can:

Help for small business

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