The Commonwealth of Australia owns all of the material we produce. Most of the material provided on this website is provided under a Creative Commons external-icon.png Attribute 3.0 Australia licence. This excludes:

  • the Commonwealth Coat of Arms
  • the Fair Work Ombudsman logo
  • the website design - this includes the design, branding, colour scheme and get up
  • third party material.

For information on using the Commonwealth Coat of Arms visit the It’s an Honour external-icon.png website. Unauthorised use of the Coat of Arms may breach the:

Using our material

We encourage the distribution, use and exchange of information and material provided on our website.

When using material from our website you have to:

  • recognise (attribute) the material to us by including the statement ‘© Fair Work Ombudsman'
  • identify where you have made any changes to the information or material.

You cannot assert (claim) or imply that there is any connection, sponsorship or endorsement between you, your products and services or your use of the information or material and us.

Our website provides a range of templates. Employers and employees can download and use these templates for personal use or use within their organisation. These templates do not need to be attributed to us.

If you are a commercial organisation using these templates for your own profit you must attribute the templates to us by including the statement ‘© Fair Work Ombudsman’.

A breach of this creative commons licence may terminate the licence and breach copyright laws.

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