Common workplace problems

Problems can happen in any workplace. If they're not resolved quickly, they can escalate into disputes, causing disruptions in even the most harmonious workplaces.

We find that most problems can be resolved by addressing the issue in the workplace as quickly as possible. This section has helpful information and advice for employees and employers about how to resolve some common workplace problems.

Common employee problems

These are some of the common problems employees can experience in the workplace:

Common employer problems

Do you have a problem in your business? Below are some of the common problems employers can experience in the workplace:

Do you have a different workplace problem?

We have a step-by-step guide to help you. We ask you a few questions about yourself and your situation, and guide you to the answers and information to help you resolve it. See Get help.

You can also visit our Fixing a workplace problem section to find out how to resolve a wide range of workplace problems.

This section has:

  • tips to help you solve problems before they become disputes
  • advice on what to do if you can’t solve a problem yourself
  • practical guides and resources developed by experts for you to use.