Compliance notices

Migration Act Amendment – July 2024 changes

There are changes to strengthen protections for migrant workers and introduce stronger penalties for employers who exploit migrant workers.

These penalties include migrant worker sanctions for businesses that fail to comply with a compliance notice involving a migrant worker.

These changes will take effect from 1 July 2024.

We will review and update the information in this resource relating to the changes. Check back after 1 July 2024 for updates.

This online course is currently under review.

The Australian Government has made further workplace laws as part of its ‘Closing Loopholes’ changes.

From 27 February 2024 the maximum penalty amounts for certain contraventions of the Fair Work Act have increased.

Learn more at Closing Loopholes: Additional Fair Work Act changes.

Please check back soon for updates.

Learn what a compliance notice is and how to respond if you get one.

Course overview

Have you received a compliance notice from us? Need help?

A compliance notice is a formal document issued by a Fair Work Inspector requiring an employer to fix a contravention of workplace laws.

This online course will help you understand what a compliance notice is and how to respond if you get one.

It includes:

  • information about compliance notices and why they are issued
  • step-by-step guidance for responding to a compliance notice
  • video scenarios and real-life case studies about the consequences of ignoring a compliance notice
  • activities to step learners through how to calculate an underpayment and make back-payments
  • tips to help you avoid common compliance mistakes in your workplace
  • links to free calculators and resources to help you meet the requirements of a compliance notice and prevent future workplace problems.