Send us an anonymous tip-off

If something is wrong at work, or you know about a workplace that isn’t following the law, let us know.

Before you do, consider what steps you’d like to take first. We’ve included some options below.

Get practical help to fix an issue

Before you send us a tip-off, we have guidance and step-by-step instructions to help resolve some common workplace issues:

Take a look at our step-by-step guides at Fixing a workplace problem.

Send us a tip-off anonymously

To send us an anonymous tip-off, we’ll need some basic information from you. Please have ready:

  • the business name
  • the workplace address
  • whether the business is a franchise (if known)
  • what industry the business is in (for example, retail, hospitality or construction)
  • information about the business’s employees (for example, if they’re casual or permanent, their age, pay rate, duties).

Make an anonymous report - English

Make an anonymous report - in another language

If you would like direct help, visit Contact us to find out how to get in touch with us.

Report a job ad issue

If you’ve seen a job ad that advertises a pay rate or employee conditions that could breach the Fair Work Act, an award or enterprise agreement, you can use our anonymous form to let us know.

When you’re in the form, select ‘Pay’ as the issue and then select ‘Underpayment of hourly rates’ as the sub-issue.

Please include information about:

  • the job advertised
  • the pay rate and/or conditions being offered
  • when and where you saw the ad and a link to the ad if you have one.

Please note: you can’t attach documents or photos when making a report.

For more information, see Job ads.

What happens after you make a report

We’ll review your report, but we won't contact you. The information you give us will help us plan our current and future education and enforcement activities.

We may share the information you give us with other Commonwealth, state or territory bodies where it could help with their enforcement of relevant laws.