Record My Hours app

Our Record My Hours app makes it quick and easy for employees to record and store the hours they work, plus other information about their employment.

New Record My Hours app

We're rebuilding our Record My Hours smartphone app to make it more modern and secure.

The new version of the app continues to make it easy for users to record their hours of work. This means they will have this information in the future if they need it to help with a workplace issue.

The new version of the app will be available for Android users in May 2024. We'll roll it out for Apple users later this year.

Data for existing app users

For existing app users, hours of work and any other data stored in the app won’t transfer to the new version when they upgrade.

Anyone wanting to keep their existing app data will need to save their data outside the app before they upgrade to the new version. They can do this by:

  • saving their app data to Dropbox or iCloud, or
  • emailing the data out of the app to their preferred email.

There are differences between the new version of the app and the original version. Users will notice the app currently works and looks different on Android phones compared to Apple phones.

Android users

Android users who want to use the app to automatically record when they start and finish work, based on their location, must turn off Battery Optimisation (in their phone Settings). If battery optimisation is turned on for this app, it may prevent automatic recording from working.

The original version of Record My Hours continues to be available for iPhone users.

About the app

Sometimes employers fail to properly keep employee records. This lack of records makes it difficult for an employee, or us, to address concerns about underpayments.

We already recommend employees manually record their hours (eg. in a diary) – now we’ve made it easier to do.

Employees can retrieve this information instantly if an issue about their pay arises and be confident when discussing the issue with their employer. Users can export the data via email to save it somewhere securely, share it with their employer or even with us if they have a question about their entitlements.

How it works

Our app uses the phone’s location services and ‘geofencing’ technology to let users set their workplace location and automatically record when they start and finish work, based on their location.

Automatic recording won’t work for all job types, such as people working in places with no mobile or Wi-Fi coverage or people who travel a lot for work. Manual recording has been incorporated to cater for this.

Other functionality includes the ability to:

  • take and add photos of information that belongs to the employee (or they're allowed to access), like their own pay slips
  • back-up information collected to iCloud or Dropbox and recover it easily.

Download the Record My Hours app at:

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play

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