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Find out more information about our internal policies, procedures and plans around:

How we do our work

Guidance notes

Guidance notes are our interpretations of the laws we enforce and internal policies and procedures we have in place.

FWO Guidance Note 7 was finalised after public consultation.

Our Compliance and enforcement policy has replaced Guidance notes 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8. Go to the Compliance and enforcement policy page for more information.

Our Information Access Policy has replaced Guidance note 2. Go to the Accessing our information page for more information.

Regulator Performance Framework Key Performance Indicators

The Australian Government released the Regulator Performance Framework (the Framework) as part of 2014 Spring Repeal Day on 22 October 2014. The Framework is an important part of the government's commitment to reducing the cost of unnecessary or inefficient regulation imposed on individuals, business and community organisations by at least $1 billion a year. 

The Framework encourages regulators to undertake functions and achieve objectives with the minimum impact on the regulated community by measuring and publicly reporting performance. Details of the Framework are available on the Government's Cutting Red Tape website external-icon.png.

All Commonwealth regulators that administer, monitor or enforce regulation are required to implement the Framework from 1 July 2015. In accordance with the requirements within the Framework, we have developed the Regulator Performance Framework Key Performance Indicators that will be used to assess our performance and they have been agreed to by the Minister for Employment. 

Legislative instruments and delegations

Legislative instruments and delegations outline the powers and responsibilities of certain individuals within FWO.

Procedures for handling suspected breaches of the code of conduct

This sets out how we:

  • handle breaches of the Australia Public Service code of conduct
  • decide on the sanctions (if any), when an employee breaches the code of conduct.

Download the procedures:

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Who we work with 

Memorandums of Understanding

Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) are created between us and other organisations. These are made publically available with permission from the other organisation and are provided below.

Accommodation Association of Australia

Australian Defence Force

Australian Hotels Association

Australian Security Industries Association Limited

Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Fair Work Agencies

Fair Work Building and Construction

National Union of Workers 

Restaurant and Catering Australia

Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association

Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority

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Privacy Policy

This is our policy on dealing with personal information.

Download the summary of the policy for an overview:

Download the policy:

Visit the Privacy page for more information on privacy when using our website.

Privacy Awareness week logo

Legal professional privilege policy

This is a guide on how we deal with claims for Legal Professional Privilege.

Download the policy:

Procedures for handling public interest disclosures

This sets out how we handle public interest disclosures.

Download the procedures:

For further information about making a public interest disclosure, or if you’d like to contact an officer authorised to receive public interest disclosures, email PublicInterestDisclosure@fwo.gov.au

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Diversity and inclusion

Workplace diversity and inclusion strategy

Our Workplace diversity and inclusion strategy sets out how we will achieve our goals to:

  • have the most engaged staff in the Australian Public Service
  • be a model Australian workplace
  • improve our services to the Australian community.

Download the strategy:

Agency multicultural plan

Our Agency Multicultural Plan ensures that everyone who deals with us gets equal access to our services, including people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Download the plan:

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