I'm not getting pay slips

As an employee, you should be given a pay slip within one working day of being paid, even if you're on leave. It can be difficult to know how to approach your employer about this problem.

How to request your pay slips

Before you start - information you need

Steps to take

1. Ask your employer to provide you with pay slips

  • If you’re not getting pay slips, the first step is to ask your employer to provide them to you.
  • To help you get ready for the discussion, we have online courses to help you prepare for difficult conversations.
  • Your employer can provide access to a pay slip in hard copy or electronically, such as by email or through an online portal.
  • Even if you’re paid in cash, your employer still has to give you a pay slip.

2. Provide your employer with information from our website

  • If your employer doesn’t start giving you pay slips after you’ve asked them to, you should provide them with information from our website.
  • You can send them the link above or print the page and give it to them.

3. Request a meeting with your employer

  • You can request a meeting with your employer if you haven’t been able to resolve the issue.
  • Give your employer at least 7 days to provide you with all your pay slips, before you take further steps.

Example: Not getting pay slips

Mark has been employed as an apprentice butcher for 3 months and hasn’t received any pay slips from his employer. He has mentioned this to his employer on several occasions. His employer tells him he will start getting pay slips from the following pay, but this doesn’t happen.

Mark writes a letter to his employer explaining that he has looked at the information on fairwork.gov.au and tells his employer that they’re obliged to provide Mark with a pay slip within one day of him being paid. He also includes a link to the Pay slips page for his employer’s reference.

Mark’s employer calls him in to a meeting the next day and explains that he wasn’t aware it was the law to provide him with pay slips. He gives Mark pay slips for all his previous pays and tells Mark that he has set up his payroll software to automatically generate a pay slip each pay period which will be emailed to him automatically.

Best practice tip

We recommend employees keep a record of their hours, for example, in a diary or using our Record My Hours app.

If you need more support

If you still can’t resolve this issue with your employer directly you may need more help.

For more information visit Fixing a workplace problem.

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