Help with bullying in the workplace

Anti-bullying laws are administered by the Fair Work Commission. The information on this page may help you work out if bullying is happening in your workplace, how you can try to resolve the issue at work and where to go for more help.

How to find help for this problem

Before you start - information you need

Steps to take

1. Check what bullying is defined as

  • Make sure you know what bullying is and isn’t. Visit our Bullying and harassment page for more information. For example, a manager raising performance issues to taking performance management action isn’t bullying.

2. Getting help to stop bullying

  • Have a private discussion with a supervisor or manager within your organisation. This could be your direct manager (or a different manager if the issue is with your direct manager), a health and safety representative, or the human resources department.
  • Keep a record of the situation and steps you are taking to address the problem.

3. Escalate the issue if the bullying doesn’t stop

Best practice tip

You may need help to deal with stress from bullying. Check if your workplace has an employee assistance program that you can access to talk to somebody confidentially about how you’re feeling, or you can talk to your doctor.

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