Statement from the Fair Work Ombudsman: Private firms and workplace advisory services

4 July 2017

The Fair Work Ombudsman has received complaints from members of the public who claim they have been misled into believing that private businesses are, or were, connected or affiliated with the Fair Work Ombudsman or other government agencies.

We have received complaints relating to a website at the address and telephone advisory services operated by Employsure Pty Ltd.

The tools, advice and services we provide to employers, employees and members of the public are provided free of charge. This includes assistance provided via our infoline and the resources available through our website.

The Fair Work Ombudsman is not affiliated with any commercial providers of advisory or workplace relations service nor do we provide endorsements of any such providers.

The Fair Work Ombudsman never provides information about people who contact us to third party businesses to offer fee-based services and we do not cold call businesses to recommend or refer the service of any private advisory business.

If any business engages in conduct that misleads consumers about a connection or affiliation with the FWO, the FWO considers it a serious issue. 

When we become aware of complaints of conduct of this nature, we consider the full range of options available and are willing to take appropriate steps to prevent misrepresentations likely to mislead consumers. 

The Commonwealth is also the owner of registered Australian trade marks and takes steps to address any infringement of its rights in those marks in appropriate cases.

If you are concerned that you have been contacted by a firm suggesting that it is affiliated with or endorsed by the FWO, or wish to report any conduct or websites of this nature to the FWO, please contact us by making an online enquiry, through our feedback form or calling our infoline.

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We are not affiliated with, and do not endorse, any commercial providers of advisory or workplace relations services. Read our full statement on Private firms and workplace advisory services for more information.

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