What we do

The Fair Work Ombudsman regulates Australia’s workplace laws.

Our services are free to all employees and employers.


  • give information about Australia’s workplace laws
  • help employees and employers learn about their rights and obligations
  • assess and investigate whether workplace laws are being followed
  • enforce workplace laws if they are not being followed.

Employers must make sure they know what laws apply to their business and are expected to comply with workplace laws. Watch our short video to find out more.

The Fair Work Ombudsman employs Fair Work Inspectors to promote and monitor compliance with workplace laws. Fair Work Inspectors have certain powers to perform their role. These include the power to:

  • enter workplaces
  • inspect work and interview people
  • ask for records.

Read more about the powers of Fair Work Inspectors .

The Fair Work Ombudsman is here to help you. An employee cannot get in trouble for contacting the Fair Work Ombudsman to ask for information about their pay or other entitlements. Watch our short video to find out more. 

We value your feedback and complaints

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