Issues in the workplace

Know someone who isn’t getting the right pay? Heard of a business or organisation that isn't doing the right thing? We can help you resolve the issue or you can share your information with us anonymously.

Option 1: Get help resolving issues in the workplace

Do you want advice on how to resolve an issue in your workplace?

Follow our step-by-step Guide to resolving workplace disputes. If you require an interpreter, you can call the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) on 131 450. Tell the operator the language you speak and ask them to call us on 131 394. You can also call TIS from outside Australia on +61 3 9268 8332.

You are entitled to minimum pay and conditions at work, even if you’ve breached your visa. We’ve made an agreement with the Department of Home Affairs that a person’s temporary visa will not be cancelled if they come and ask us for help, as long as they:

  • have an entitlement to work as part of their visa
  • believe they have been exploited at work
  • have reported their working conditions to us
  • are assisting us in an investigation.

This applies as long as:

  • they follow their visa conditions in the future
  • there is no other reasons why their visa would be cancelled (such as national security, character, health or fraud grounds).

Read more about workplace rights for all visa holders working in Australian on the Department of Home Affairs website.

Option 2: Report a workplace concern anonymously

If you’re worried someone isn't following workplace laws but you don't want to get involved, you can report the issue to us anonymously.

Some examples of things you can tell us about include:

  • pay – such as an employee not getting paid at least the minimum pay rate for their job or not getting pay slips
  • leave – such as not getting paid sick leave
  • workplace conditions – like an employer breaking the rules on breaks, rosters and hours of work
  • ending employment – such as an employee not getting the right notice or redundancy entitlements
  • job advertisements – such as a business advertising jobs with unlawful pay rates.

We won't contact you but the information you give us:

  • will help us plan our current and future activities
  • may be shared with other Commonwealth, State or Territory bodies.

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