Ask for our help with a workplace problem

We have a range of services to help employers and employees resolve their workplace problems.

How we can help

We have information and advice for employers and employees about workplace rights and responsibilities under the Fair Work Act 2009. We can help you with enquiries about:

There are some things we can’t help with. Find out where you can get help with:

We don’t represent employers or employees. Our aim is to help everyone understand and follow the law.

Information and advice

We offer a number of services for you to get advice and information. You can:

  • ask us your question online - using our My account service. You’ll hear from us within 10 business days.
  • call us - for workplace relations information or advice or advice about the steps you need to take to fix a problem.

Across all of these services, our trained advisers will ask you some questions to help respond to your enquiry, including any steps you’ve taken to address any problems yourself.

Resolving issues and enforcement

Our Compliance and Enforcement Policy (DOCX 1.2MB) (PDF 695.6KB) guides decisions we make about:

  • whether or not we investigate a problem or provide extra support
  • the kinds of support we offer or the types of investigations we carry out
  • if and how we respond to investigation findings.

When deciding whether we'll get involved in an issue, we'll consider:

  • the seriousness of the workplace issue
  • the circumstances of the employer and employee
  • practical issues involved in resolving the matter.

Download the Compliance and Enforcement Policy (DOCX 1.2MB) (PDF 695.6KB).

We can't force employers and employees to take any specific action, including to pay money. Only a court can make binding orders.

If you don’t think our services are right for you, you can consider taking your own Legal action in the small claims court.

Ask us for help

Make a phone enquiry

Phone enquiries are a good option if you:

  • have a complex problem that’s hard to explain
  • want to enquire during business hours
  • are able to wait as sometimes wait times can be longer
  • need a translator.

Information we’ll ask for

If you need to make an enquiry, make sure you know the following:

  • business name
  • Australian Business Number (ABN) - we'll help you find the ABN if you don't know it
  • business address and phone number
  • name of the enterprise agreement that covers the employee, if any
  • employee's occupation and main duties
  • employee's start and end date (if no longer employed)
  • employee's pay rate.

The information you give us is confidential. We won’t contact the other party in a dispute unless you give us permission to and have provided their details. Read about how we protect your privacy on our Privacy page.

When you're ready, Call us.

Make an online enquiry

Online enquiries are a good option if you:

  • don’t want to wait on the phone
  • want to enquire any time or day
  • want access to online resources, templates and information tailored to your enquiry
  • want to save the advice to refer to later.

To ask for our help, you'll need to make an online enquiry through My account.

Once you’ve registered, making an online enquiry takes most people around 5-10 minutes.

Information we’ll ask for

We'll ask you questions about your situation. Make sure you know the:

  • business name
  • Australian Business Number (ABN) - we'll help you find the ABN if you don't know it
  • business address and phone number
  • name of the enterprise agreement that covers the employee, if any
  • employee's occupation and main duties
  • employee's start and end date (if no longer employed)
  • employee's pay rate.

Please provide as much detail about your enquiry as possible, to ensure our advisers give you correct information. You don't need to send us relevant paperwork when you submit your enquiry. If we need supporting documents, for example pay slips or time sheets, we'll ask you to send them to us later.

Register or login to your My account to make an online enquiry now.

What happens next

After we receive your enquiry we'll review it and get back to you, usually within 10 working days, but sometimes it may take longer.

Depending on the nature of your enquiry, we may give you:

  • general workplace relations information or advice to answer the question you’ve asked
  • referrals to other organisations that may be better placed to help you with your issue if we can’t help
  • advice and links to resources about how to resolve your workplace problem in your workplace, or
  • information about next steps
  • a call to clarify information and discuss your enquiry.

Make an online anonymous report

An anonymous report is a good way to tip us off about a workplace you suspect isn’t doing the right thing. It allows you to tell us without identifying yourself. If your first language isn’t English, anonymous reports can be made in other languages.

We don’t act on every anonymous report but each one provides valuable information. We use trends and information from groups of anonymous reports to gather intelligence about a business, industry or area. Then we decide whether or not to investigate further. Many of our enforcement campaigns are triggered by trends in anonymous reports.

Anonymous reports are a good option if you:

  • want to make a tip off about someone not doing the right thing but you don’t want to get involved
  • don’t need us to get back to you about the information you’ve provided
  • don’t need a response to a question you have
  • aren’t seeking to recover wages or other entitlements for yourself or a family member.

Information we’ll ask for

Our online form has some questions about the business and the issue you’re reporting, so have details about these handy. We won’t ask for your contact details.

You can make your anonymous report using the form on the anonymous reports page. For anonymous report forms in a language other than English, visit Report a workplace issue in your language.

What happens next

When you report a problem to us, we make an assessment about how to best handle the problem. You won’t hear back from us once you’ve submitted your report.

Learn about what to expect after you contact us on our What happens when you ask for our help? page.

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