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Our workplace information is translated into over 30 languages. Find out how to get information and resources in your language to help fix a workplace problem.

Understand your workplace rights in your language

In Australia, everyone has the same workplace rights, no matter where they are from or which language they speak. You can’t be paid less because you are not from Australia. Watch our short video Everyone has the same workplace rights in Australia.



We have more videos in other languages with information about workplace rights and entitlements. See our Language storyboards (short videos).

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Our information and services are available in over 30 languages. You can find helpful information, get fact sheets and watch videos in your language on our Language help pages. This includes information about how to get help if you’re having an issue in the workplace.

Our Record My Hours app is available in 18 languages. Sometimes employers don’t keep proper employee records. This makes it difficult for an employee, or us, to address concerns about underpayments. We recommend employees record their hours themselves. Our Record My Hours app makes it quick and easy. Employees can record and store the hours they work, plus other information about their employment. Learn more about the Record My Hours app.

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You can read the information on this website in your language. Choose your language from the menu at the top of the page to translate the information. Translation is available for most pages.

Report a workplace problem

We have different options for reporting a workplace problem. These are summarised below.

You can report a problem:

  • by phone. If you need to talk to someone about a workplace problem, you can speak to us in your language. Call the Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450. Tell the operator the language you speak and ask the operator to telephone us on 13 13 94.
  • online through this website. Submit an enquiry in English through My account.

Fix a workplace problem

We can help if you’re having a problem with your pay or conditions at work. If you can, it is best to first try to discuss the problem with your employer or employee. If you can’t do this or you have tried, you can ask for our help.

Read more in:

Report a problem anonymously in your language

If you’re worried someone isn’t following workplace laws, you can tell us about it anonymously. We welcome information that may help us with our investigations. But, if you make an anonymous report:

  • we won’t be able to help recover money you’re owed
  • we won’t get back in touch with you.

Find out more about Making an anonymous report including how we use the information you provide us with. Report a workplace issue in your language now.

Visa holders can report problems

Your visa may limit the type of work you can do in Australia. It's important to know the rules for your visa. Some visas have rules about how many hours you can work, for example international students, or what job you can do, for example a seasonal worker.

Your employer can't cancel your visa, even if you’ve breached it. Only the Department of Home Affairs can grant, refuse or cancel visas.

If you are a temporary visa holder with work rights who hasn’t complied with your visa conditions because you’ve been exploited, the Department of Home Affairs will generally not cancel your visa, detain or remove you from Australia if you have:

  • asked us for advice or assistance and are assisting us with our inquiries
  • not complied with the work-related conditions only and there is no other basis for your visa being cancelled
  • committed to abiding by visa conditions in the future.

Read more on our Visa holders and migrants page.

Best practice tip

In our experience, a workplace problem is more likely to get fixed if it’s reported soon after it’s happened. Many people wait too long to contact us about workplace problems. That makes it difficult for us to gather evidence. The people who can support your claim might have moved on and be uncontactable. Then we can’t do anything to fix the problem. Contact us while you’re still working there. If that’s not possible, do it as soon as you can after leaving your job.

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