Award coverage for outdoor leaders

Outdoor leaders typically offer an adventure experience often in national parks, reserves or rivers, such as canyoning, bushwalking or canoeing.

Award coverage for outdoor leaders depends on:

  • the industry or industries their employer operates in and where the work is done
  • the specific role and responsibilities of the employee.

Industry award coverage

Outdoor leaders can be covered by an industry based award if their employer operates in the industry defined in the award and there is a classification which matches the employee’s duties.

For example, an outdoor leader may be covered by one of the following industry awards:

  • Amusement Award
  • Educational Services (Post-Secondary) Award
  • Fitness Award
  • Hospitality Award
  • Social and Community Services Award

No industry award coverage

Outdoor leaders not covered by an industry or occupational award are covered by the Miscellaneous Award. They'll be classified based on their duties and qualifications.

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