Pay point progression in the Social, Community, Home Care & Disability Services Award

To be eligible to progress through pay points within a classification level, employees need to demonstrate to their employer competent and satisfactory performance over the past 12 months of continuous service.

If required, they also need to show that they've either:

  • gained and suitably used new or improved skills within their classification, if required by their employer, or
  • met the requirements of their workplace's staff development and appraisal scheme.

Example: Pay point progression after 12 months service

Julie is employed as a level 6 – pay point 1 social and community services employee.

Julie will be eligible to progress to level 6 – pay point 2 after 12 months if she demonstrates competency and satisfactory performance.

What about part time and casual employees?

Part-time and casual employees can progress after 12 months with an employer in the same way as full-time employees.

Automatic progression after time served for some employees

Level 1 – pay point 1 social and community services employees will progress automatically to pay point 2 if they're mainly engaged in resident contact and interaction in the delivery of disability services, including:

  • attending to residents' personal care
  • undertaking generic domestic duties.

When will employees progress?

Full-time employees will progress after they complete 12 months of relevant industry experience within the past 3 years.

Part-time employees will progress after they complete 1976 hours of industry experience.

Movement to a higher classification

Employees must be promoted or reclassified to move to a higher classification.

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