Before parental leave

Employees can access parental leave if they meet certain requirements.

They also have access to other entitlements while pregnant or before adopting.

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  • what protections a pregnant employee is entitled to
  • safe jobs during pregnancy and no-safe job leave
  • special parental leave and when it can be taken
  • discrimination during pregnancy.

Types of parental leave

Employees can access parental leave as a single continuous period, flexibly across their parental leave period, or a mixture of both.

For more information, see Types of parental leave.

Applying for parental leave

Before taking parental leave, employees must check they are eligible, give their employer appropriate notice, and provide evidence if requested.

For more information, see Applying for parental leave.

Entitlements while pregnant

While pregnant, employees are entitled to safe jobs, as well as special maternity leave if a pregnancy-related illness occurs.

For more information, see Entitlements while pregnant.

Replacement employees

Employers may wish to hire replacement employees to cover for an employee on parental leave. There are rules and responsibilities for employers and replacement employees to consider.

For more information, see Replacement employees.

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