Restaurant Industry Award [MA000119]

Who the Restaurant Award covers

The Restaurant Award covers employers in the restaurant industry and their employees who fit within the classifications of the award.

The restaurant industry means:

  • businesses that mainly sell food and beverages to be eaten on the premises
  • restaurants
  • catering by a restaurant
  • cafes (where the business mainly sells food and beverages to be eaten on the premises and/or offers table service)
  • reception centres
  • tea rooms
  • night clubs
  • roadhouses mainly providing a sit down service (if they are run as a separate business to a petrol station).

Examples of employees covered by the Restaurant Award include:

  • waiters and waitresses
  • baristas (in mainly eat-in cafés)
  • kitchen hands, cooks and chefs including apprentice chefs
  • clerical and office employees
  • security and storeroom employees
  • handypersons.

The Restaurant Award also covers labour hire businesses and their employees who are placed with an organisation in the restaurant industry.

Check the award for full information on who is covered and the classification descriptions.

Source reference: Restaurant Industry Award [MA000119] clause 2 and schedule A

Who the Restaurant Award doesn't cover

The following employers and employees are not covered by the Restaurant Award:

  • hotels, motels, hostels and boarding establishments
  • registered and licensed clubs
  • restaurants or nightclubs operated in or by:
    • hotels, motels, hostels or boarding establishments
    • registered or licensed clubs
  • retail shops
  • contract catering
  • in-flight catering for airlines
  • catering services by aged care employers
  • boarding schools, residential colleges or hospitals
  • school canteens.

The Restaurant Award doesn't cover employers and employees when they are covered by one of the following awards:

  • Hospitality Award
  • Registered Clubs Award
  • Fast Food Award.

Check the award for full information on cover and classifications.

Source reference: Restaurant Industry Award [MA000119] clause 2 and schedule A

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