Reporting outcomes

As an independent statutory body, we perform our functions impartially and in an accountable and transparent manner. As part of our commitment to accountability and transparency, we publicly report on the outcomes of our various compliance activities we undertake.

Why we report on compliance outcomes

As an independent statutory body, we’re responsible for promoting and ensuring compliance with Australian workplace laws. We’re also responsible for proactively educating employers and employees about their rights and responsibilities at work.

We publicly report on the outcomes of our compliance activities. This helps to increase awareness of workplace non-compliance issues in the community and demonstrate the enforcement actions we may take to address non-compliance.

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For more information about our compliance functions, read our Compliance and Enforcement Policy .

What to expect from our reports

Our reports are published once a compliance activity is finalised. They contain information such as:

  • what activities we undertook and why
  • the details of our findings
  • the actions we took to recover unpaid wages and enforce compliance next steps and our recommendations for ongoing compliance.

Depending on the size and scope of an investigation, reports can vary in length and complexity. For example, inquiry reports are usually very detailed because they address complex issues and large-scale activities. This contrasts with reports we issue following a proactive investigation, where our activities are usually focused on a single business, industry or location.

Accessing our reports

For more information and to access our reports, visit:

We may also issue media releases on our findings which can be viewed in our Newsroom section.

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