East Coast Retail, Hair and Beauty Campaign

The Fair Work Ombudsman is conducting a campaign focusing on businesses in the retail and hair and beauty industries across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.


We consider that both industries in these areas would benefit from a compliance and education campaign for several reasons, including:

  • low compliance rates identified in our National Hair and Beauty Campaign 2012-2013
  • the fact that both industries are significant employers, particularly of young workers
  • the need to address issues that have been noted in both industries, such as unpaid work trials.

What we're doing

During this campaign, Fair Work Inspectors are engaging with up to 1600 businesses from these industries across the three states.

Fair Work Inspectors are contacting employers and requesting a sample of employee time and wages records for assessment against the Fair Work Act and Fair Work Regulations 2009, and the applicable award or agreement.

Fair Work Inspectors are checking that employers are meeting their obligations, including in relation to:

  • minimum wages
  • penalty rates and overtime
  • overtime rates
  • pay slips and record-keeping.

Once the campaign is completed, a report detailing the findings of the campaign will be published on the proactive investigations reports.

For more information on this campaign please contact campaigns@fwo.gov.au.

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