Your career with us

Working with us means you’ll be helping to create fairer Australian workplaces. We offer diverse career opportunities, job security and a supportive environment that values your growth.

Meaningful work

You get real respect when you tell people what you do. It makes you feel valued in the community.

– Fair Work Inspector, regional location

When you work with us, you're making a difference in people's lives. We help employers and employees understand their workplace rights and obligations and enforce workplace laws. In the last 2 years, we’ve returned more than $1 billion in underpaid wages - about $1.42 million every day.

Our people work hard to ensure we have a positive impact every year. You can check out our annual performance in our Annual report.

You can read more about what we have achieved for the Australian public in our Media releases.

You can also learn more about the work we do through our social media accounts.

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Career opportunities

I started my career at FWO on the Fair Work Infoline as an adviser and was an adviser for 2 years. The skills I learnt on the job and through training, particularly problem-solving, having difficult conversations and communicating clearly are all really important for the job I have now as a Director at FWO. I enjoyed the camaraderie in the contact centre, it was always a really supportive environment.

– Director based in Melbourne

We offer a diverse range of career pathways and invest in your professional development. With us, you’ll have a career that grows with you. You could be:

  • advising business owners and workers as an Infoline adviser
  • conducting investigations as a Fair Work Inspector
  • engaging with industry, stakeholders and the community through policy and community relations work
  • enforcing compliance through the courts as a lawyer
  • supporting our people through roles in human resources, finance, building services and technology
  • educating the public on workplace laws with our digital experience, communications, or education teams.

We help you make the most of your career by offering:

  • short and long term mobility opportunities with different teams to expand your skills
  • targeted coaching programs to support and develop operational staff capability
  • access to free training and resources in your area of interest through our learning management system and industry memberships.

Job security

As part of the Australian Public Service, we offer job security that allows you to plan for the future.

Here is what our staff say job security means to them:

Before starting at the FWO I was on rolling 3-6 month contracts for several years. When I got a permanent position at FWO, I was excited to put down roots and focus on building a career.

–Senior Engagement Officer, based in Adelaide.

As a single Dad, it’s great that I don’t have to worry about job stability and can focus on building a great life for my daughter. The flexibility means I can be a senior manager, do meaningful work and still pick my daughter up from school.

–Director, based in Melbourne.

Our locations

We have offices in 23 locations across Australia, with offices in every capital city and 14 regional locations. Our largest offices are in Sydney and Melbourne.

FWO office locations

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