A review of the FWO's activities from 2006-2012

In July 2014 the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law launched their report ‘The Transformation of Enforcement of Minimum Employment Standards in Australia: A Review of the FWO’s activities from 2006 – 2012’.

The report covers the changes to our role of monitoring and enforcing compliance with Australian workplace relations laws. It analyses how we have responded to funding constraints by becoming more strategic and sophisticated in our enforcement activities.

In our response to the report, former Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James notes that the report:

‘…recognises our Agency is strategic, sophisticated, dynamic and actively engaged in continuous improvement’. We appreciate this feedback and endeavour to continue to be seen in this light.

‘External scrutiny of our business, processes and strategies assists us deliver real value for the public and we continually look for opportunities to improve and balance the findings, ideas and views of all stakeholders and interested parties.

‘We intend to use the report to review processes and procedures and focus on implementing changes that offer the most benefit for all workplace participants.’

Download a copy of the research report:

Download our full response to the research report:

Read our media release about the research report and our response.

2014 modern award review

Every 4 years the Fair Work Commission (the Commission) conducts a review of all modern awards. This review is the main way that modern awards are maintained as a fair and relevant safety net of terms and conditions.

As part of the 2014 review the Commission asked interested parties to make submissions about how the review should be conducted and any changes to awards they think should be made.

Our submission on the review

Through our Infoline, complaint resolution and targeted campaign work we regularly answer questions about awards from employers and employees.

To assist the Commission to achieve a simple, easy to understand award system we made a submission on the review. Our submission doesn’t seek to change any entitlements under awards, it’s aimed at making awards easier to understand to help answer some of the common questions we get asked.

Our submission covered 2 areas

  • how base pay rates, penalties and overtime are communicated in awards
  • identifying inconsistencies between awards and the National Employment Standards.

To view a copy of our submission, visit the Commission's website external-icon.png.

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