Excursions in the Labour Market Assistance Award

Employees who supervise clients on excursions that involve an overnight stay get paid:

  • their minimum hourly rate for all ordinary hours worked
  • any penalty rates that apply to the hours worked
  • a sleepover allowance for each night they're away from home.

To calculate the amount of the sleepover allowance, use our Pay and Conditions Tool.

Ordinary hours can be worked on any day of the week. However, penalty rates apply to ordinary hours worked:

  • between 8pm and midnight, Monday to Friday
  • between midnight and 6am, Sunday to Friday
  • on Saturdays and Sundays.

Do employees get paid overtime during excursions?

Yes, if they work overtime. Overtime is different for full time, part time and casual employees.

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Labour Market Assistance Award - clause 18.2(b) sets out the sleepover allowance.

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