Minimum wages

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Do you know the minimum you should be paid per hour for working in a restaurant or café?

If you’re covered by the Restaurant Award external-icon.png, our interactive tool can help you work it out.

You can calculate minimum pay rates, penalties and allowances under an award using our Pay Calculator. Our Pay Calculator can help you find your award if you're not sure.

You can also use our Pay guides to find this information for most classifications under a particular award in a single guide.

If you're covered by an enterprise agreement or other registered agreement, check the agreement for rates.

Certain employees may have different pay entitlements depending on whether they have a reduced work capacity because of disability, if they're under the age of 21 or if they are an apprentice or trainee. For more information about pay for these employees, visit:

There are also some pay arrangements that employers can put in place if their award allows for it and awards with special pay rates. You can find extra information on these types of pay on the pages below:

Minimum wage reviews

Each year, the Fair Work Commission reviews the national minimum wage and pay rates under awards. Any changes that are made begin on the first full pay period on or after 1 July.

Visit Fair Work Commission - Annual wage reviews external-icon.png for more information.

The minimum pay rates discussed on this page refer to gross pay (the amount of pay before tax is taken out). If you have questions about how much tax comes out of a pay rate, please contact the Australian Taxation Office external-icon.png.

High income threshold

The high income threshold is $148,700 as of 1 July 2019.

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  • talking to your employer or employee about fixing it
  • getting help from us if you can't resolve it.

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