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Published 27 October 2022 | Updated 9 November 2022

From 10 November 2022, the Australian Building and Construction Commission’s (ABCC) role enforcing the Fair Work Act 2009 in the commercial building and construction industry has transferred to the Fair Work Ombudsman (that’s us).

What’s changed

From 10 November 2022, certain functions and responsibilities under the Fair Work Act that were carried out by the ABCC for the commercial building industry have transferred to us.

Our role is to promote harmonious, productive, cooperative and compliant workplace relations in Australia. Our responsibilities are set by the Fair Work Act. For information about our role and functions, visit Our role and purpose.

Find out more about the ABCC’s abolition and role in the interim on their website.

Workplace rights and obligations in the commercial building and construction industry

Employers and employees in the commercial building and construction industry can find free tools and information about workplace rights and obligations on this website.

We have information on:

You can use our industry filters available on various pages to find tailored information. Look for these boxes on our website and select the building and construction industry from the drop-down menu.

Example of industry filter that appears on pages for additional information based on an award

We also have general information about enterprise agreements, who they apply to and how they’re made. For more information, visit Agreements. To find an enterprise or registered agreement that applies to your workplace, visit Fair Work Commission – Find an agreement.

Have a workplace problem?

Problems can happen in any workplace. We have tools and information to help employers and employees resolve problems at work.

Visit Workplace problems for information, tools and resources:

  • to help you prevent problems at work
  • about common workplace problems
  • about fixing workplace problems, including how to get help and report issues anonymously.

Who to contact about current ABCC matters

If you have a current matter that is being investigated by the ABCC, you will be advised when it has been transferred to us. Until then, you can continue to discuss your matter with your current ABCC contact officer.

You can also contact the ABCC for advice and assistance with:

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