Payment for sick and carer's leave

Paid sick or carer’s leave is paid for the hours normally worked during the period of leave.


Sick and carer’s leave is paid at an employee’s base pay rate for each hour or part of an hour of leave they take.

An employee who takes paid sick or carer’s leave is paid for the hours they would normally work during the period they took leave (not including overtime hours).

A base pay rate doesn't include separate entitlements such as:

  • incentive-based payments
  • bonuses
  • loadings
  • allowances
  • overtime
  • penalty rates.

Example: Paid sick and carer’s leave on ordinary hours

Steve works 9am-5pm Monday to Friday every week. For the last 6 months he has been working overtime on Wednesday nights until 7pm. Steve is sick and takes a day of sick leave on a Wednesday. Steve is entitled to be paid sick leave for his normal hours of 9am-5pm, not the overtime hours.

Read our Paid annual leave and sick and carer's leave - frequently asked questions library article for more information about accruing, taking and payment for sick and carer’s leave.

To calculate sick and carer's leave entitlements, use our Leave Calculator.


Employees have to give notice to get paid for sick and carer’s leave. An employer can ask an employee to give evidence that shows the employee took the leave because they:

  • weren’t able to work because of an illness or injury, or
  • needed to provide care or support to an immediate family or household member (because of an illness, injury, or unexpected emergency affecting the member).

Go to the Notice and medical certificates page for more information.

Source reference: Fair Work Act 2009 s.99

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