Public holidays

Public holidays can be different depending on the state or territory you work in.

It's important to know when public holidays are because employees can get different entitlements on these days.

You can calculate these entitlements using our Pay Calculator. 

Go to our List of public holidays page for a full list of public holidays in your state or territory.

Public holidays coming up in the next few months in your state or territory include:

Australian Capital Territory

  • Monday 5 October - Labour Day

New South Wales

  • Monday 5 October - Labour Day

Northern Territory


  • Friday 14 August - Royal Queensland Show - Brisbane Area Only
  • Monday 5 October - Queen's Birthday

South Australia

  • Monday 5 October - Labour Day


  • Monday 2 November - Recreation Day (all parts of the state which do not observe Royal Hobart Regatta)


  • Friday 25 September - Friday before AFL Grand Final
  • Tuesday 3 November - Melbourne Cup

Western Australia

  • Monday 28 September - Queen's Birthday (Some regional areas in WA hold the Queen's Birthday public holiday on a different date)

Working outside your state or region on a public holiday

An employee is entitled to public holidays depending on where they are based for work not where they are working on the day of the public holiday

Example: Employee working outside their state on a day that is a public holiday

Cass is an employee of a business located in Melbourne. She has been sent to Sydney to perform work during November. During her interstate visit, the Melbourne Cup public holiday is observed. As Cass's base of employment is Melbourne, she is entitled to the public holiday entitlements for that day, even though it is not a public holiday where she is physically working.

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