Strategic intent

Our strategic intent states our vision - to be valued by the community for supporting compliant, productive and inclusive workplaces - and how we plan to achieve it.

Our focus

 To be an effective and efficient workplace regulator we must be responsive to the evolving needs and expectations of the Australian Government and the community.

We will focus on increasing productivity by reducing the burden of regulation and helping businesses find more productive ways of working. 

We will support employment participation through addressing the barriers to employment and helping businesses to do the right thing.

We will focus our compliance and enforcement efforts where there is serious non-compliance and where we can deliver the greatest benefit and impact.

To make a difference we will:

  1. Provide practical advice that is easy to access, understand and apply
  2. Encourage and empower employees and employers to resolve issues in their workplace
  3. Build a culture of compliance with workplace laws
  4. Work with stakeholders to find solutions to workplace issues and opportunities to collaborate
  5. Be a high performing, capable and responsive agency that delivers exceptional customer service


FWO's Strategic intent (DOCX 20.3KB) (PDF 393.2KB)

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