Award coverage for site supervisors in the building industry

A site supervisor is someone who is not working ‘on the tools’ and is responsible for managing and co-ordinating the daily operations of a building project. They would typically spend most of their working hours at a work site rather than in the office. The role of a site supervisor may include:

  • the responsibility for the workplace health and safety of labourers, contractors and visitors at the work site
  • overseeing the work of other employees
  • liaising with contractors and subcontractors.

An employer may require a site supervisor to have industry experience or hold qualifications in a specific trade, such as carpentry.

Award coverage for a site supervisor depends on:

  • the industry or industries their employer operates in
  • the specific role and responsibilities of the employee.

They’re classified based on their qualifications, experience and duties.

Industry Award coverage

Building and Construction Award

The Building and Construction Award may cover a site supervisor if their employer:

  • is in the metal and engineering construction sector
  • has more than 30 employees.

The employee may be employed under another job title such as foreperson or supervisor. They are also responsible for the supervision of leading hands.

The Building and Construction Award doesn’t cover site supervisors working in the following sectors:

  • general building and construction
  • civil construction.

Other building industry awards

There’s no classification for a site supervisor in the following building industry awards:

  • Plumbing Award
  • Joinery Award.

No Industry Award coverage

When there’s no industry award covering the employer of a site supervisor, the employee might be:

  • covered by the Miscellaneous Award
  • award free.

Miscellaneous Award

Site supervisors are covered by the Miscellaneous Award if they’re not:

  • covered by an industry award
  • a managerial or professional employee.

Under the Miscellaneous Award, an employee may be considered a professional employee if their role requires a degree qualification, for example, a bachelor of business.

They’ll be classified based on their duties and qualifications.

Award free employees

Site supervisors who aren’t covered by the Building and Construction Award or the Miscellaneous Award are award free.

They’re entitled to the national minimum wage and the National Employment Standards.

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