Award coverage for pet groomers

To find the award that covers an individual pet groomer it is important to consider:

  • the industry or industries their employer operates in and where the work is done
  • whether the employee only does pet grooming or also does other work, such as retail sales.

Pet grooming businesses

The Miscellaneous Award covers employees working as pet groomers for a pet grooming business which isn’t covered by an industry or occupation-based award that has a classification for the employee.

Businesses offering multiple services

Some businesses which offer pet grooming services also operate in other industries, such as retail. For example, some retail pet shops also offer grooming services.

If an employee does some pet grooming work as well as other types of work, such as retail sales, they may be covered by an industry or occupation-based award. This will depend on their individual circumstances and what type of work they are principally employed to do.

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