Calculating overtime pay in the Manufacturing Award

In computing overtime each day’s work stands alone.

This means that overtime pay is calculated separately for each shift that overtime is worked.

Example: Overtime on more than one shift

Minh is a full-time employee.

This week Minh worked 2 hours of overtime on Tuesday and 4 hours of overtime on Thursday.

Minh’s employer pays him for 2 hours at 150% of his ordinary hourly rate for the overtime worked on Tuesday.

The overtime Minh worked on Thursday is calculated separately and he’s paid for 3 hours at 150% of his ordinary hourly rate and 1 hour at 200% of his ordinary hourly rate.

What happens if overtime goes past midnight?

The overtime period continues even if the shift goes past midnight.

Example: Overtime continues past midnight

Anne is a full-time employee.

She worked overtime from 10pm Tuesday to 2am Wednesday.

Anne is paid 150% of her ordinary hourly rate for her first 3 hours of overtime, from 10pm on Tuesday to 1am on Wednesday and 1 hour at 200% of her ordinary hourly rate for the rest of her overtime shift.

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