Entitlements for school-based apprentices

Many awards contain provisions setting out conditions of employment for school-based apprentices.

These awards say school-based apprentices get the same conditions as other apprentices, based on the number of hours they work.

Payment for trade school for full-time school-based apprentices is based on 25% of the actual hours worked.

Does the 25% paid for off the job training count as hours worked by the apprentice?


Example: Annual leave for school-based apprentices

James is a full-time school student doing a school-based apprenticeship. He works 12 hours each week with his employer.

As well as the 12 hours, James gets paid 3 hours per week for his off-the-job training (25% of 12 hours). James is paid a total of 15 hours’ work each week.

After 3 months, James takes one week of annual leave. He gets paid 15 hours’ annual leave for the week.

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