Award coverage for cafés

The Restaurant Award covers cafés that mainly prepare and sell food and drinks for customers to consume on the premises.

The Fast Food Award covers cafés that take orders for, prepare and sell coffee, beverages, meals and snacks for customers to mostly take away or consume in a food court.


Popular Café operates in a small Melbourne laneway.

They have a couple of tables inside, but the café mostly sells drinks and snacks for their customers to take away.

Popular Café is covered by the Fast Food Award.

The Hospitality Award covers cafés that are part of the hospitality industry such as cafés run by hotels or resorts.

The Amusement Award covers cafés that are part of the amusement industry such as a café in a theme park or a museum.


The Museum of Examples runs a café selling coffee and snacks to museum visitors.

The whole museum including the café is covered by the Amusement Award.

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