Award coverage for massage therapists

Massage therapists use a range of techniques which apply pressure to muscles to assist with pain relief, rehabilitation or relaxation.

Award coverage for a massage therapist depends on:

  • the industry or industries their employer operates in
  • the specific duties and qualifications of the employee.

Industry award coverage

An industry award can cover a massage therapist if:

  • their employer operates in the industry defined in the award
  • there's a classification which matches the employee's duties and qualifications.

For example, a massage therapist may be covered by one of the following industry awards:

  • The Alpine Resorts Award can cover beauty salons and day spas operated by an employer running an alpine resort, and their employees including beauty therapists and spa attendants providing massages.
  • The Health Services Award can cover employers providing massages in the delivery of health care and medical services, and their employees who provide massage therapy including remedial massage, reflexology, myotherapy and aromatherapy. This includes massage therapists with:
    • a diploma or equivalent massage therapy qualification
    • qualifications that are deemed acceptable by the employer.
  • The Hair and Beauty Award can cover employers in the hair and beauty industry providing facial treatments including massage, full body massages and other specialised treatments, and their employees that are providing these treatments, including beauty therapists.

To work out whether another industry award covers you, you may wish to contact us on your own situation.

No industry award coverage

Massage therapists not covered by an industry award are covered by:

  • the Health Services Award on an occupational basis, or
  • the Miscellaneous Award.

Health Services Award

A massage therapist is covered by the Health Services Award on an occupational basis if they are a health professional and satisfy the qualification requirements of the award, even if their employer is not involved in the delivery of health care and medical services.

The employee needs to hold a diploma, an equivalent massage therapy qualification, or a qualification that is deemed acceptable by their employer.

They'll be classified as a Health Professional Employee depending on their qualifications and experience.

Miscellaneous Award

A massage therapist who isn't covered by an industry or occupational award is covered by the Miscellaneous Award. They'll be classified based on their duties and qualifications.

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