Outworkers are contractors or employees who perform their work at home or at a place that wouldn’t normally be thought of as a business premises. Outworkers are common in the textile, clothing or footwear industry.

Employee entitlements for outworkers

Outworkers must get at least the:

Awards or registered agreements may also have other minimum conditions for outworkers.

Outworker terms in registered agreements must be at least as good as the conditions in the relevant award. Award conditions for outworkers in the clothing, textile and footwear industry still apply even when there’s a registered agreement in place.

If an award or agreement doesn’t contain outworker terms, then the outworker gets the same conditions as any other employee.

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Outworkers in the clothing, textile and footwear industry

Outworkers in the clothing, textile and footwear industry are covered by the Textile and Clothing Award. All outworkers covered by this Award must be given the information sheet in Schedule F of the award which contains outworker:

  • pay rates
  • hours of work
  • leave and public holidays.

For more information on outworker pay rates, hours of work, leave and public holiday entitlements, go to Textile, Clothing, Footwear and Associated Industries Award 2010 [MA000017] schedule F.

Best practice tip

Although employers are required to keep work records, employees should also keep their own records every time they receive work.

Refer to schedule F in the Textile and Clothing Award for more information.

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