Social & community services industry pay rates

Use our Pay and Conditions Tool to calculate rates in the social and community services industry, including any Equal Remuneration Order pay rates or Queensland pay equity order pay rates. You can also use our Pay Guides for a summary of pay rates, penalties and allowances.

Equal Remuneration Order

Pay rates for some employees in the social and community services industry gradually increased under the Equal Remuneration Order external-icon.png (ERO) made by the Fair Work Commission. The final instalment under the ERO applies in full from 1 December 2020.

Use our Pay and Conditions Tool to find the minimum rates that apply now. 

These pay rates apply to employees in the following classifications under the Social and Community Services Award:

  • social and community services classifications
  • crisis accommodation classifications.

These pay rates also apply to employees who work in these classifications on an on-hire basis.

These pay rates were adjusted twice a year on:

  • 1 July – following the Fair Work Commission’s Annual Wage Review
  • 1 December – an increase that came from the Equal Remuneration Order.

Queensland pay equity order

There are also special pay rates for some social and community services and crisis assistance employees in Queensland. This is because of pay equity regulations made in March and December 2012.

Employers covered by these regulations are non-constitutional corporations that existed immediately before 1 January 2010. These employers are now covered by the Social and Community Services Award.

Employers covered by these regulations are also covered by the Equal Remuneration Order if they're in the social and community services or crisis accommodation streams of the Social and Community Services Award. The higher of the 2 rates will apply.

You can use our Pay and Conditions Tool to find the minimum rate that applies.

Pay guides for pay rates before 1 December 2020

For a summary of rates, penalties and allowances that applied before 1 December 2020, you can use our pay guides.

Use our Pay and Conditions Tool for employees who didn't transition from a pre-modern award.

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