Junior pay rates

A junior is an employee under 21 years of age. Use our Pay Calculator to calculate junior pay rates.

Juniors get paid a percentage of the relevant adult pay rate unless:

  • the award, enterprise agreement or other registered agreement doesn't have junior rates, or
  • they have completed an apprenticeship and are trade qualified.

The percentages that apply are usually based on the employee’s age and increase on their next birthday. 

Example: Junior pay rate increases

Carly is 17 years old and works in a shop. She’s entitled to 60% of the adult pay rate under her award. She turns 18 on 22 March. From 22 March she’s entitled to 70% of the adult pay rate. 

Find information about junior pay rates in your award by selecting from the list below.

Restaurant Award

Based on what you've told us, it looks like you're covered by the Restaurant Industry Award 2010 [MA000119].

Juniors, unless they are trade qualified, get paid a percentage of the relevant adult pay rate in the Restaurant Industry Award. Trade qualified junior employees must receive the adult rate of pay.

Use our Pay Calculator to calculate junior pay rates.

Special rates for working around alcohol

Juniors who sell or serve alcohol, including as a part of their general waiting duties, have to be paid the adult rate for their classification regardless of their age.

Age restrictions when serving alcohol

There are rules about at what age juniors can start serving alcohol.

The following table provides the contact details of the liquor licensing authority in each state and territory.

State or territory Department Contact number
Victoria Department of Justice 1300 650 367
New South Wales Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (02) 9995 0300
Queensland Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation 13 13 04
Northern Territory Department of Justice (08) 8999 1800
Western Australia Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor 1800 634 541
South Australia Office of the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner (08) 8226 8410
Tasmania Department of Treasury and Finance (03) 6233 6119
Australian Capital Territory Office of Regulatory Services (02) 6207 0424

To find out more about who this award applies to, go to the Restaurant Award summary.

Restaurant Industry Award resources

We’ve made it easier for you to find information about your pay and entitlements under the Restaurant Industry Award. For more tailored information about your Award, visit our interactive tool.

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Source reference: Restaurant Industry Award 2010 [MA000119] clause 15 and 20.3 external-icon.png

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