Partnership leads to improved systems and processes to manage workplace compliance

26 January 2018

A two-year partnership between the Fair Work Ombudsman and Compass Group (Australia) Pty Ltd has resulted in improved compliance and has enhanced the company’s capability to manage workplace issues into the future.

Compass Group, one of the world’s largest food services and hospitality providers, signed a Proactive Compliance Deed with the Fair Work Ombudsman in 2014 with the chief objective to improve the company’s general workplace compliance.

Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James said compliance partnerships enable businesses to demonstrate to their employees and the Australian public that they take their workplace responsibilities seriously.

Under the deed, Compass Group reported on details of the systems and processes already in place or to be implemented to ensure ongoing compliance with workplace laws.

A number of these processes were refined during the partnership, including the development of toolkits and guides for managers to improve knowledge of industrial instruments and employee entitlements.

The deed also facilitated self-resolution of workplace disputes, with the Fair Work Ombudsman undertaking to forward any requests for assistance of a routine nature to Compass Group for rectification.

Over the course of the partnership, the Fair Work Ombudsman referred 40 requests for assistance to the company.

Compass Group resolved 14 matters resulting in $51,404 paid to employees. One matter was resolved without the need for payment to be made, and 25 matters were closed due to no evidence of the claim.

In addition, after receiving a number of requests for assistance from security officers engaged by one of its entities, Compass Group undertook an audit of all security officers engaged by that entity.

As a result, 24 officers were back-paid a total of $40,707.

Significantly, over the life of the partnership there was a downward trend in the number of requests for assistance received from Compass Group employees.

“We believe that after working with the Fair Work Ombudsman, Compass Group is better placed to manage compliance within its network going forward,” Ms James said.      

“Going forward, we will seek to ensure that Compass Group is continuing to invest in and promote workplace compliance within its network.”

Employers and employees seeking assistance can visit or call the Fair Work Infoline on 13 13 94. An interpreter service is available on 13 14 50.  

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