Minimum working age

Find out what age you can legally start work across Australia.

What’s the minimum age you can start work?

The minimum age for working depends on the state or territory you’re working in.

The minimum age you can start work applies to all workers, including those starting an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Check what age you can start work in your state or territory:

Working during school hours

If you want to work during school hours, you usually need to be of the minimum school leaving age or have completed the minimum year of schooling.

State and territories have their own rules about when you can leave school.

Check with the relevant state or territory education authority for more information:

Have a workplace problem?

Problems can happen in any workplace. If you have a workplace problem, we have tools and information to help you resolve it.

Check out our Fixing a workplace problem section for practical information about:

  • working out if there is a problem
  • speaking with your employer or employee about fixing the problem
  • getting help from us if you can't fix the problem.

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